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Elypse is absolutely awesome! I haven't seen a game combine (mostly) platforming with an open 2D world in a metroidvania style before, but man does it work! This game also takes full use of Unity's lighting effects and it shows! I can't wait until this comes out!

As one of the comments mentions, this game would benefit from having accessibility features. The demo is quite challenging, and I'm sure the game gets more difficult from there.

One big thing I've noticed is the game's delayed reaction to control inputs. I don't know if it's a feature or a bug, and if it's a bug, I don't know if it's only an issue on my Windows 11 system or an issue broadly. But the character doesn't react to controller input immediately, and it requires player timing be extremely precise and ahead of time. It also made it near impossible for me to recover if I made a mistake, since by the time I'd notice and press the dash button, it'd already be impossible for the character to move before dying.

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The game is incredible, starting from its artstyle, sound design, game design and game feel. 

It looks really promising from this demo :D

However, I would recommend, for the sake of this demo and the full game, some accessibility features such as game speed, bindable buttons or projectiles that auto-targets (something that can be tricky, and I feel like there's little to no room to error here). 

Anyways, great work and thanks for this demo :)

Hi there,
Thank you very much for your comment and interest in Elypse!

This was a student demo, since then we've signed the game with publishers and are working on it full time. It has improved a lot ;)

You can follow development on twitter @Hot_Chili_Games
Wishlist it on Steam here

Sorry for the late reply, development is taking us a lot of time as you can imagine.

We hope you'll like the game when it releases :)

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God i enjoyed this reminds me A LOT of ori in the movement and art style can't wait to see if anything else get added. thanks for giving me such a great experience I needed this so much.


Thank you very much for this nice comment, a complete version of Elypse is actually under development. You can follow advances on twitter or instagram @hot_chili_games :)

i love Metroid and that game made me get in to metroidvaina games like hollow knight and this 

this is a daaaaanm good game

Thank you very much for your comment! Don't hesitate to follow us on Twitter @Hot_Chili_Games if you want to follow Elypse's development!

une question, si vous continuez le jeu , est-ce que des bossfights seront inclus où non ?

Il y a de forte chance :)

d'accord merci pour la réponse


Très bon jeu, visuellement une qualité graphique du feu de Dieu !
Hâte de voir la version finale ! ^^

Merci pour ton commentaire c'est très motivant pour continuer! :)

Nous sommes en train de réfléchir à trouver des moyens de se financer le jeu.

Nous tiendrons la communauté au courant dès qu'on aura un moyen de se financer au long terme. Malheureusement cela peut prendre plusieurs années.


je viens de finir le jeu et sincèrement les gars c'est du très bon boulot,j'ai adoré,ca mélange métroid,céleste et les platformers en général et c'est super,vu que je joue beaucoup aux jeux vidéos,je l'ai trouvé assez simple dans l'ensemble mais c'est avec plaisir que je vais vous soutenir dans projet,les graphisme sont géniaux et bravo au codeur et a toute votre équipe,super ambiance de jeu et continuez comme ca,hâte de voir la suite.

Merci pour ton commentaire qui fait très plaisir! Nous faisons actuellement de notre mieux pour pouvoir poursuivre le projet au long terme et développer une version complète d'Elypse :)

Eh bien sachez que rien que la démo est géniale et bonne chance à vous pour la suit

Hello, DEV,. I'm Milk Bottle Studio, a Chinese publisher. We like your game very much. May I have a chat with you, please?

I just subscribe to just to leave a comment... I'm not used to play platformer games (unless we talk about Super Mario series on the nes / snes)... And I must tell I'm really impressed with your game. I just finished it and it feels like I would totally have bought a game like that (with some hours of gameplay of course). I hope your game will expand, it has the potential to please a lot of people I think. A fonctionality to change control mapping would be appreciated, though. Keep going anyway, I had a lot of fun playing this ! <3 <3 <3 !!!

Je viens de capter que vous étiez français, alors un petit message en français... Pour vous dire que j'ai refais la démo déjà 3 fois ce soir. J'ai vraiment hâte d'en voir plus, continuez comme ça c'est génial. :)

De toute façon, je ne pouvais pas espérer mieux de la part d'une équipe avec deux Maxime ! (Vous l'aurez probablement deviné, c'est également mon prénom :p)

Bref, encore bravo, je me suis rarement autant amusé sur un jeu de plateforme alors lorsque votre jeu sortira si vous menez le projet à terme, comptez sur moi pour vous faire de la pub ! :)

Oh, et... Lors de la fin de ma dernière partie, j'ai réussi à "glitcher" le jeu, en utilisant la propulsion des tirs + les dashs, j'étais tellement haut que lorsque la cinématique s'est déclenché je suis arrivé dans le trou derrière le côté droit de la plateforme ! :p (je n'arrive plus à le refaire par contre XD)

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Hello Maxime, merci beaucoup pour ce feedback qui fait chaud au cœur! Nous allons faire de notre possible pour poursuivre la création d'Elyspe après nos études et tiendrons bien sûr la communauté au courant via twitter (@ElypseG). Une nouvelle version plus complète sera d'ailleurs disponible courant décembre :)

J'ai hâte !Je viendrai régulièrement me tenir au courant de l'avancée. :)

I play platform games ever since I was 10. The visual of this game left a good impression and seems promising. 

*Gently clicking download

Thank's for the feedback! We will post a new version in December :)

I usually never play platformers, but something about the aesthetic of the game got me to give it a try, and I really like the fluidity of motion and challenging gameplay!

Since I'm not that experienced with platformers yet, I haven't gotten too far, but I'm guessing I'll be continuing to try and improve, because it is surprisingly fun :)


Thank you for you message! We are improving the game to release a better demo in december on Steam and, we hope you will like what's next ;)

It's really fun with the controller.

I have often died from the beginning, but when you have internalized the controls a bit, it feels like a classic game.
Thank you

Thank you very much for your feedback! We are working on a greater demo for a release on Steam and in december, we hope you will like what is to come ;)

Whishlisted! But it is November now, i hope for the next december.

Thank you so much, it really helps us!

Happy Coding 

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I really wanna play but i can't use e (the magnet sphere) and i need that to move on, can you please fix really love the and the game style but the keyboard controls are messed up. and the settings don't work can't click on it


You have to press E into the magnet to get into it. We are still polishing our keyboard controller. Try to play with your controller if you can, we will let you know when a better version is released :)

oh thank you for responding,thats never happened to me before,will do

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This game is very fun! I haven't played many metroidvanias but this is my favorite so far

Thank you very much for your feedback! :D We will release a longer more polished demo on Steam and in december.

If only I could even play the game... looks fun however you can hardly pass the first section on Keyboard and Mouse considering your dash ability only goes the correct direction like a quarter of the time.

I guess I will wait until better support comes out.

Well we are sorry you experimentend these issues, we are still polishing the mouse & keyboard controller. It will get better in future updates :)

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One of the best (and hardest) metroidvania I've played for a while but I hope there will be more lore to this new universe.

I'm a student and I would like to know if there is a place for a free&starting developper and if there is a form for that, thanks and good luck for the game.

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Hello! Thank you for your feedback we are working on a bigger Demo released on Steam and Itch on December :)

I'm sorry but we also are still students in their last year of study. We will create our company after finishing our studies. We hope you'll find the experience your searching for! :P

Well at least I have a quick answer not the good one but still. So good luck on this game and for the others to come :D

One of the best games I played
Thank you

We are very happy you liked it. We are working on a greater demo for Steam & which will be available in december. Thank you for playing Elypse's first demo :)

i die a LOT in this one, but man is it good as a game :D

Thank you very much, we are still working on improving the game for a bigger Demo destined to itch and steam. I hope you will like our next version of the game. Until then cheers and thanks you for the feedback! :)

i tried to play it as it looks really fun and i love the art style, but the A key doesnt work, so i cant go left.


We are happy to tell you that you can now play using a QWERTY or AZERTY keyboard on Elypse 1.2 :)

If you feel so tell us abour your experience about the demo.

once again, art style and gameplay might be good to, but it clearly wasnt made to be played on a keyboard and mouse, most of the times instead of dashing up or down, if my mouse its 1cm too up or down it will go straight, still, artstyle amazing, love these types of games, hope everything works well.


Thank you for your feedback! Yes it was designed for a controller however we are still polishing keyboard controls. We will keep you posted for next updates :)